Approximately 3.5 - 4 months prior to the end of your contract, your school will receive an official document asking you for your intent to renew. You may indicate a request for a transfer on this form. We cannot accommodate specific requests for schools, but feel free to note areas or neighborhoods that you would like us to consider. Please note though, that a request for a transfer on this document does not guarantee that you will actually be transferred. This is due partially to the fact that we are largely limited by what positions become available after the renewal process. Also, accommodating specific requests would complicate the placement process. So, while you have the option to request a transfer, please keep in mind that they are granted on a case by case basis, with each case being thoroughly investigated by the DMOE. You will automatically be placed at your current school if your transfer request is denied (assuming that you are eligible for renewal based on your evaluation scores).

Transfers will not be considered and cannot be granted during the contract period.

Transferring to a different MOE/POE or Private Institution

If you would like to transfer to a different city, but still within the EPIK scheme, you will have to re-apply from the beginning through EPIK. That means you will need to provide all of your documents, referral letters...etc again. Please do not ask us for your original documents. We are not able to return those to you for legal purposes. Currently, it is our understanding that other institutions can accept official copies of documents (we can provide you with copies with a coordinator's signature). You should double check with your new employer if that is true before requesting copies. Also make sure to give yourself plenty of time, as the copies may take 3-5 work days to prepare. You may send us a request for documents via email.

You may also require a "Statement of Employment" or "Letter of Release" from the DMOE for your new job. Please read over this section carefully to determine if you need them.