I Just Got My TESOL/TEFL/CELTA Certification...Now What?!

Congratulations on completing your TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certification!

First thing - EPIK requires you complete a 100 hour program, minimum. Anything below that will not be accepted.

Once you complete your program, you have one of three options to submit your certificate to us.

  1. Send or bring in the original certificate to the DEESC. The certificates usually come with a cover letter, explaining the program along with some notes on your performance. Please include that as well.
  2. If you receive an electronic copy of your certificate, you can go ahead and email that to us. We will, however, need you to bring in the original so we can verify it's authenticity. Once you bring in the original, we will just stamp the copy, so you'll be able to keep the original for yourself.
  3. You can send us an electronic copy along with the email address of someone from the institution that we can email to verify your completion of the program. If we do not hear back from them, you will have to bring in an original copy.

Please note that changes in pay scale can only be made either before you begin your new contract or during the contract renewal period. If you are in the process of receiving your certification and are worried you won't have it by the time of renewal contract signing, no worries! You will just sign a contract at the lower level, and once you get us your certificate (through one of the methods listed above) we will create a new contract for you at the higher level.