Residency Certificate

NET's (with the exception of those from Canada or Ireland) have the option of tax exemption. In order to opt out of taxation here in Korea, you'll have to provide your school with a Residency Certificate. It's best if you are able to at least start the application process before arriving here, but if necessary, you can have it sent to you here (or directly to your school). If you don't receive it in time, you may be subject to taxation for the period before you submit your residency certificate. If you submit the certificate within the same fiscal year (same as a calendar year in Korea), you may apply for a reimbursement. If you aren't able to submit it before the close of the fiscal year, there is a chance that you will not be able to get a reimbursement for the taxes you have already paid.

*We are not tax officials! For questions outside of what you find on this website, please refer to your specific country's tax service organization. For questions about Korean taxes, please ask your school's financial administrator.*

For more information about taxes in Korea, please go here.

How to get more information about obtaining a residency certificate, by country:


- Internal Revenue Service:
- Search for form 8802, where to file/when to file and instructions.
- It takes up to 30 days to process your application.


- HM Revenue and Customs:
- Phone: 0845-070-0040


- Australian Taxation Office:
- Phone: 13-28-61

New Zealand

- Inland Revenue:
- Phone: 0800-227-774

South Africa

- Phone: 0800-00-72-77