The Renewal Process

Here is a brief overview of the renewal process.

About 4 months prior to the end of your contract, your school will receive an official document asking for your intent to renew. On this document you can indicate whether you would like to renew and stay at your current school or renew and request a transfer. If you would NOT like to renew, you must fill out the contract renunciation form. From the time the document is sent out, you will be given about 2 weeks to think it over and submit your forms. Once your forms are in, your decision is considered FINAL.

While you sign and submit your form, your school will create a work performace evaluation based on the work you've completed up until then. Once this is submitted, the DMOE NET Renewal Committee will determine if you will be granted a renewal contract. The performance evaluation is designed to be balanced so your school cannot give you a failing score based off of one situation. It covers everything from evaluating lesson plans, to NET contribution in the classroom, to general attitude at work, just to name a few categories.

We try our best to have the results sent out to your schools within 2 - 2.5 weeks after the deadline for the submissions of the intent forms. Please understand that this information takes time to process and sometimes is held up due to aministrative issues. We strive to have the results available well before the contract renewal meeting, but sometimes this may not be the case. Your understanding in this matter is much appreciated.

Regarding Transfers:

Unfortunately, we cannot always accommodate transfers (either requested by the school or the NET). This is due to the fact that we are largely limited by which positions become available after the renewal process. Additionally, accommodating specific requests would complicate the placement process in general. So, while you do have the option to request a transfer, please keep in mind that they are granted on a case by case basis, with each case being thoroughly investigated by the Renewal Committee.

If you are granted a renewal contract:

Renewal Meeting:

A renewal meeting will take place where you will receive and sign your new contracts. The coordinators will go over any policy changes, and this will be your opportunity to submit any extra documents to the DMOE (ie - TESOL certificates, reference letters that verify teaching experience...etc). This meeting will take place roughly 2.5 - 3 months prior to the end of your contract, and is considered mandatory (official documents will be sent to your school requesting that you be let out early). Please come with your passports as your will need your passport number for your contract.

Medical Exam (채용신체검사):

You will need to submit a medical exam when you attend the renewal meeting. If you are unable to do so, we will need it within one week of the renewal meeting. You can either hand deliver the document to our office or you can mail it in. If you decide to mail it, please be sure to use registered mail. You may also ask your school if the "주사님" (Joo-sah nim - essentially your school's groundskeeper/courier) could bring it in.
For more information on medical exams, click here.

Extending your Visa:

You will need to extend your visa to cover the time period of your new contract. Please be sure to confirm and take note of the expiration date on your visa. We strongly suggest renewing your visa prior to leaving for any vacations, so you can avoid any problems coming back into the country. However, we do not suggest applying for a renewal more than a month before the end of your current visa, as you may be turned away. For more details, click here.

Employment Level Changes:

Every NET will automatically increase one level by renewing their contracts (except for first year level 1 teachers). So for example, if you've just completed your contract as a level 3 teacher, you will automatically renew as level 2. If you have documentation that will help you skip a level (ie - TEFL/TESOL, master's degree, teaching experience verifications...etc), you will need to turn those in to the coordinator's office before the start of your new contract. The best time to bring them in is the renewal meeting. If you are unable to do so, we will initially have you sign a contract at the lower level. Once you turn in your documentation we will grant you a new contract at the higher level. For more information about employment levels, click here.

Money Matters:

Every renewing NET will receive a 2.0 million won contract renewal bonus (재계약보상비) and severance pay (퇴직금). Severance pay is roughly the equivalent of one month's salary. Please note that due to a change in policy, you will not be permitted to receive your severance pay yearly. Please visit the severance pay page for more information. Both payments cannot be processed until the day after the completion of your current contract, and will be provided to you by your school (NOT directly from the DMOE). For those NET's who have been granted a transfer, your severance pay will come from your old school, while your contract renewal bonus will come from your new school.

You should also receive your security deposit (손해배상담보금)refund, regardless of your transfer status or if you're moving apartments (for NET's finishing their first year only).

Your pension deduction may change if your salary is changing for your new contract term. This amount will be collected into the same pension account as the previous year and will be available when your employment in Korea ends (refund available only to citizens of Australia, Canada, and the US). Please see the pension page for more detailed information.

Renewal Vacation:

Renewing NETs receive a 7 (calendar - including holidays and weekends) day renewing bonus vacation at the end of their contract term, to be used before the start of your new contract. If your school's schedule does not allow for you to take this vacation all at once, you may negotiate to try to use it in the following vacation period. Again, you must include weekends and holidays when counting your renewal vacation.