Pay Stub Breakdown

In an effort to help our NET's understand what is included and deducted in a normal paycheck, we have created this "Pay Stub Breakdown Sample." It outlines the basic percentages used to calculate your monthly deductions. We always encourage everyone to ask for a monthly pay stub so as to become familiar with the layout and the basics that are included in your monthly payments. If you see any discrepancies, we suggest you ask your financial officer in your school's administrative office. You may ask your co-teacher to help you clarify as well. Please note that each school is responsible for their own payrolls and we at the DMOE have little jurisdiction on how they go about their finances.

*It is also worth noting that the deduction adjustment period usually occurs in April, after taxes are finished.
    • Your last paycheck may see many adjustments. It is customary for your school to add all of your extra income at the end of your contract period (after school class payments, etc) in one lump sum, and use it to make calculations for any extra deductions or extra payments that need to be made.

sample pay stub.JPG

Here is a chart of "approximate monthly taxation based on income." As you can see, it is broken down by monthly income. This should give you an idea of how much income tax will be deducted from your monthly paycheck. Residency tax is calculated as 10% of your income tax.

taxes breakdown.JPG