Pay Levels

This is the EPIK pay scale chart, taken from their website ( This is the pay scale for Daegu starting as of February 2015

Pay Scale_22015.jpg

If you'd like to find this on the actual website, once on the homepage scroll over "Job Descriptions" and click on "Salary & Benefits." You'll find all of the qualifications for each pay level listed out in detail there.

Pay levels can only be changed before you sign a new contract. For new in-coming teachers, please alert the national EPIK office if you have any documents (that you weren't able to submit during your initial application stage) that might make you eligible for a higher pay level. You will more than likely have to bring them with you to your orientation. For renewing teachers, pay levels can only be changed during the contract renewal period, and will take effect upon the beginning of your new contract.

For renewing teachers** - the deadline to submit any substantiating documents to change pay levels is the day before your new contract. Up until you provide the necessary documents, you'll stay at the lower pay level. You may even have to sign a contract at a lower pay level. Once those documents are submitted, we'll prepare a new contract at the higher level.