Mid-Year Evaluation

The mid-year evaluation was created in order to act as a tool to reflect upon your performance in the previous semester, to provide a platform for discussing your performance within the school, as well as a way to set measurable goals to work towards in the next semester. The Mid-Year Performance Assessment is comprised of two parts; a Self Assessment, which is to be completed by you (the NET), and a Performance Assessment that will be filled out by the school. The Self Assessment for DMOE Native English Teachers (NETs) is to provide an opportunity for the NETs to reflect on their teaching and school life from the previous semester. By completing the assessment, the NETs will be identifying their areas of strength as a teacher, and setting goals in personal and/or work related aspects for the following semester with their schools. In order to allow the NETs and the schools to be on the same page to discuss the NETs' teaching and school life, and in order to set goals together, the school will be completing a Mid-Year Performance Assessment which contains the same criteria and questions as the NETs' self assessment. The schools will submit the performance assessment results to the DMOE through the National Education Information System while the NETs submit the completed self assessment and comments to the DMOE coordinators.

With the mid-year self assessment, the NETs will be provided with the year-end work performance evaluation criteria, as the two are very similar. This should work as a guideline to reflect on their teaching throughout the rest of the year. During the year-end evaluation, the NETs will be evaluated on how much they have improved in the areas that were discussed during the mid-year assessment based on the goals that were determined.