I'm finishing my contract, now what?

Here are some guidelines for what to start preparing if you have decided to finish your contract with the DMOE. Your co-teacher should have received the same information as an attachment to an official document, all in Korean. Please have your co-teacher refer to that while helping you to prepare to leave the country.

ONE NOTE: your exit allowance and severance pay may not be available until after you've left Korea. Please be sure to either work something out with your financial administrator OR have it automatically forwarded from your Korean bank account to an account back home.

Please follow the links below for more detailed information:

Collecting Pension Refund (국민연금 보험료):


Exit Allowance (계약완료 지원비):

Entrance & Exit Allowance

Extending Your Visa (Temporary Extension):

Recently, E-2 visas have been issued with 13 month validity, to make up for the fact that your contract period may not start exactly when your visa is granted. However, this is not the case across the board. Due to an error by your embassy, your visa may have been issued for exactly 12 months starting from the time your visa was processed, instead of matching the time period of your actual contract. This will put you in a situation where your visa may expire before the end of your contract. Please double check your visa expiration date!
Renewing and Extending E-2 Visas

Severance Pay (퇴직금):

Severance Pay

Security Deposit (손해배상담보금):

Security Deposit

Confidentiality Agreement:

You will have to sign and submit a basic Confidentiality Agreement that states you will not disperse sensitive information regarding your school, your students or the DMOE.


Make sure your apartment is clean and orderly before you leave, since in some situations, the new NET will be moving in the following day or the actual day that you leave. Also, be sure to pay all of your outstanding bills including but not limited to landline phone and internet service, cell phone, electricity and gas. You are able to stay in your apartment until the morning of the day after the last day of your contract if need be. Please work this out with your school.

Alien Registration Card:

You must return your ARC to the Korean Immigration Office in one of the following ways:
- Go to the immigration office, return the card, and obtain a receipt that states you have returned the card (do not lose this!). Then, show the receipt to an immigration official at the time of departure.
- Return the card to an immigration official at the airport at the time of departure (usually the person who checks you out at customs).