DMOE's Drug Policy:

As you probably already know, the laws in Korea are less tolerant to those who abuse drugs than, perhaps, those found in some English speaking countries. Possession and abuse of illegal drugs (including marijuana) is seen as a serious offense and may result in deportation and the immediate termination of your contract.

  • As of April 1, 2011, the Korean government requires that anyone working under an E-2 visa must undergo a mandatory medical examination that includes a drug test for Heroin, Cocaine, Opium, and Cannabis.

Please be sure to avoid using any of these substances while under the employ of the Dague Metropolitan Office of Education. This includes while you're on vacation!
If any suspicion arises, please cooperate with the DMOE to prove your innocence. As a standard procedure, the DMOE will request a medical examination including tests for drugs, and may request a thorough examination including a hair sample test depending on the situation. Also, as stipulated in the contract (Article 18), when requested by the DMOE, a teacher must be available for a medical examination within two (2) working days and provide the result of the examination to the DMOE as soon as possible. The cost of such medical exam is to be borne by the native teacher.

For more information, please visit the Korean Immigration Service website at:
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