Directions to the Daegu Global Education Center (DGGEC), 글로벌교육센터

Many of our events are held in the new Daegu Global Education Center. Here are directions on how to find it!

From Seongdang Mot Subway Station (성당못 역), Red Line:

1. Exit the station from Exit 1, walk straight until you get to a crosswalk with A Twosome Place Cafe across the street.

2. Cross the street towards A Twosome Place Cafe, walk straight.

3. You will see the Global Education Center on your right.

*** The walk should take about 15 minutes.

Map to Global Center.jpg

Bus Stop A - Global Education Center (글로벌교육센터): 750, 306, 서구1

Bus Stop B - Seobu Bus Terminal (서부버스정류장): 306, 518, 564, 651, 726, 750, 서구1-1

Bus Stop C - Samho Apartment (삼호아파트): 805