Copies of Original Documents

We cannot return any of the documents that you submitted in the initial stage of your application to EPIK (apostilled diploma, CRC, transcripts). This was stipulated in the initial application packet that you signed and submitted. However, we can provide copies of these documents (we can provide a coordinator's signature, verifying that it's a true copy). We cannot guarantee that other provinces or institutions will accept these, so please make sure before making any requests. Copies of documents will take up to 3 working days to prepare and must be picked up at the coordinator's office.

Understand that requesting these documents sends the message that you are applying for a different position within Korea (there is no other feasible use for official copies of documents). If you do find and accept other employment after your current contract ends, you will not be eligible to receive your exit allowance (Article 11, Clause 4). If you make a request for and pick up an official copy of your documents, you will be asked before the completion of your contract to prove that you will be leaving the country, at which point we can release your exit allowance to your school. We will need to confirm that you will not be in the country until past the expiration date of your current visa.